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"As human beings, we never stop evolving, we all possess a unique ability to change"

Evolution Hypnotherapy

Who I Am

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Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist in WarringtonChris Clarkson


Hi, I hope you enjoy my website and find all the information here of some use.

Ok, so who am I?

I think the best description that fits, is an integrative therapist, which means I have been trained as both a Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist by one of the longest standing training organisations of its type in the UK, the ‘National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy’. I have a friendly, warm and empathetic approach to my therapy and find that my clients feel very comfortable with me from the first time we meet, this is important in therapy because you need to feel safe and understood and all my work is carried out in a confidential and comfortable environment. I don’t work from home like many other therapists, I operate from a professional office which is both discrete and tastefully decorated. I am extremely passionate about my work as both a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist (working from the evolution office in Warrington, Cheshire) and even in my spare time I am furthering my knowledge by reading, studying and writing (I am currently writing a book on self hypnosis). Training is intense and over a period of 4 years helping me to better understand the problems that you face in your daily life…

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What I Do

Hypnotherapy in Warrington, cheshire


Ok, So what is it I do, and just what is a Hypno-Psychotherapist?

Well, a Hypno-Psychotherapist is someone who has studied both hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy and combine the two approaches to help you achieve a long lasting change in your life! The main difference between a hypnotherapist and a Hypno-Psychotherapist is that we have to undertake a minimum of four years of ‘Masters Degree’ level training (1800 hours) in hypnosis coupled with its application within psychotherapy, rather than the 400 hours a hypnotherapist could undertake to achieve a diploma alone. Effectively, this means that I can use my skills within hypnotherapy but also employ integrative psychotherapeutic interventions to help you achieve your goals. Remember, Hypnotherapy is described as a ‘brief‘ therapy, meaning that you are looking at  far fewer sessions than many other forms of therapy. Looking for hypnotherapy in Warrington? Then read on…

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Hypnosis in Warrington


Hypnosis and Psychotherapy can help with, pretty much, any kind of emotional problem.

Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, when combined together, can be incredibly powerful for the individual who wishes to change something about themselves. As long as you truly wish to embrace change in your life, then I am here and fully committed to helping you get to where you want to be in your life.

I could help you with many problems including, but not limited to:

Self Esteem issues
Exam nerves (also, driving test nerves)
Fear of Flying
Fear of Public Speaking

But the list isn’t limited to just these conditions. See more treatments, click more!

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