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Ok, So what is it I do, and just what is a Hypno-Psychotherapist?

Well, a Hypno-Psychotherapist is someone who has studied both hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy and combine the two approaches to help you achieve a long lasting change in your life! The main difference between a hypnotherapist and a Hypno-Psychotherapist is that we have to undertake a minimum of four years of ‘Masters Degree’ level training (1800 hours) in hypnosis coupled with its application within psychotherapy, rather than the 400 hours a hypnotherapist could undertake to achieve a diploma alone. Effectively, this means that I can use my skills within hypnotherapy but also employ integrative psychotherapeutic interventions to help you achieve your goals. Remember, Hypnotherapy is described as a ‘brief‘ therapy, meaning that you are looking at  far fewer sessions than many other forms of therapy. Looking for hypnotherapy in Warrington? Then read on…

Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

In Warrington


I help people from all the region to gain back control in their lives, or to better themselves in some way. We are all unique and individual human beings, we may present with the same problems, however, the story behind each problem is very different, the personalities are very different and the way in which people think about things is also very different.

I help you alter your beliefs and behaviors. Quite simply, through the use of hypnosis and such approaches as CBT (Cognitive behavioral Therapy), Metagognitive behavioral therapy, and other models of therapy, we work together to achieve your goals in a short a time scale as possible. By this I mean, that where as some therapies can keep the client in sessions for many months or years, Hypno-Psychotherapy sets out to help you get to where you want to be in weeks.

For example, as a guide, someone who is suffering from deep anxiety issues may need up to 8 sessions. Phobias can be two sessions but sometimes more, Smoking Cessation is a one session approach.

I give you this info so you can make an informed decision about the route your therapy should take. Be wary of someone claiming they can change you in only a few sessions. This may be fine for phobias for example, but for something like depression or anxiety problems this is simply not realistic and will only serve to put you off future therapy because you had expected to change in only a few sessions.


When you are ready for change in your life

You can become the person you desire to be!


Deep rooted problems require a certain amount of work from both the therapist and the client. I like to help out my clients by giving them simple tasks and little experiments to carry out at home. This helps them build up a great toolbox of self help mechanisms but also helps them achieve better results far more quickly. Remember, this is about you and your needs and although I am not personally responsible for you as an individual, I do hold very high ethical and professional standards. So, I have to undergo continued professional development and be under constant review, so that I pass on the quality of my training and experience to you!

Hypnotherapy combined with psychotherapy, In my view, creates the best chance of long term results in the individual. It is best to have an integrative approach so that the treatment suits the individual. For example, some hypnotherapists use the same sort of patter or script on similar clients who have similar problems. This can be ok for some, but for others it may not be. remember, as human beings we are all completely unique and individual and behind every problem is a different story, a unique set of circumstances and a completely different personality.

Hypnotherapy is very powerful on its own, so why not combine it with other proven therapies to get the best outcome, the quickest outcome, and for the long term!


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