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Hypnosis and Psychotherapy can help with, pretty much, any kind of emotional problem.

Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, when combined together, can be incredibly powerful for the individual who wishes to change something about themselves. As long as you truly wish to embrace change in your life, then I am here and fully committed to helping you get to where you want to be in your life.

I could help you with many problems including, but not limited to:

Self Esteem issues
Exam nerves (also, driving test nerves)
Fear of Flying
Fear of Public Speaking

But the list isn’t limited to just these conditions. See more treatments, click more!

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Hypnosis and Psychotherapy in Warrington


I specialise in Anxiety disorders (which include Depression and Panic) and a fair majority of my clients come to see me for these issues and I work closely and compassionately with them, in a safe, comfortable, confidential and non-judgmental environment.


Anxiety can be debilitating and can seriously disrupt your daily life. It can hit us at any time of life and can be situational (driven by a situation you are in), a learned behaviour (often members of the same family suffer with the same condition) or has been built up over many years of negative thinking. It is very important for me to tell you that anxiety can be treated successfully with hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. You deserve to be totally free of these negative feelings. If you wish to embrace a positive change in your life, then begin that journey to becoming the person you wish to be.

Panic attacks

If you have ever suffered a panic attack you will know just how terrible they can make you feel. They strike at any time and can last from several minutes to half an hour. The body enters the fight or flight response, which is our innate ability to react to a stressful or frightening experience, to fight something or to flee from it. Fortunately we rarely have to fight or flee something, however, our bodies and mind hold onto the the mechanism. A panic attack can leave you feeling exhausted and very often you have thoughts that you may even be dying (A panic attack won’t kill you, but it can make things deeply unpleasant). Hypnotherapy can help uncover the reasons behind the panic, and CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) can help you restructure the way you think and remove any old beliefs that may be fueling the panic.


Many people suffer from mood disorders and depression is one of the most common forms of mood disorder and affects millions of people around the world. Depression can be experienced at many levels but if the episode lasts for more than a week it is certainly worth speaking to your local GP to get it diagnosed. People suffering with depression lose interest in themselves and the world around them, they become tearful and irritable and have the capacity to be highly anxious, so they ruminate and worry over their health and very often suffer pain, such as headaches, stomach pain or joint aches. In extreme cases of a major depressive episode, some people may experience a panic attack, or several, which may also indicate panic disorder. With depression comes other problems too. It may severely impact on your work, and you may find yourself off sick often, not wanting to leave the comfort of your bed. You may begin to see problems in your relationships too, depression can have a really negative impact on your family life. And some turn to alcohol as a way of coping. With treatment you can overcome these feelings, even though you may feel as if you are stuck this way. The combination of CBT and Hypnosis is a very powerful one and can help make the changes in your life that you desire.


What are phobias?

There are a few types of phobia that I can talk about.

  • Specific phobia (fear of a specific object)
  • Social phobias (fear of crowds or meeting people)
  • Agoraphobia (fear of a situation which you feel you cannot escape, which then causes avoidance)

There are also some more sub types of specific phobias:

  • The natural environment (fear of lightening, water, storms, etc.)
  • Animal (fear of dogs, wasps, spiders, etc.)
  • Medical (fear of blood, injections, visiting a dentist, etc.)
  • Situational (fear of flying, leaving the home, driving a car, etc.)

Symptoms of phobias include: Feeling light headed or dizzy Palpitations Shortness of breath Nausea A feeling of unreality Fear of dying In extreme cases, merely mentioning the very thing the individual is phobic of, can cause a full scale panic attack. So it therapy we have to use gentle techniques during the early stages so we avoid distress. In nearly all cases, people will avoid the situations which cause them the fear. This actually heightens the fear rather than deal with it.

I use techniques of CBT, NLP and hypnosis to counter-condition the phobia so that fear is replaced by something else more positive, such as relaxation.

Self esteem

There is a difference between a lack of self-esteem and that of a lack of confidence. Our self esteem is how we value ourselves as a human being and whether we respect who we are as individual. Low self esteem means that we do not value ourselves and we lose sight of the positives in our personalities and focus on the negatives. Such as how you think others see you, feeling judged or guilt. You may have been overly criticised by your parents when you were younger, or a teacher, or been in an abusive relationship were you had feelings of worthlessness because you were made to feel insignificant and undervalued. Confident people can feel very capable of carrying out certain tasks and be aware of their own strengths in certain areas, however, that same person, although confident, may hold a very low opinion of themselves, which leads to self esteem issues. Together, we can work through your thoughts and feelings and begin to subtly challenge them, to create a new and fresh way of living your life. Remember, you don’t have to give in to this, you can beat this negative state of mind and become that fresh new person you desire. If you choose to change then that is the first most important step!

But, of course, you don’t have to be suffering from an emotional condition to benefit from Hypnosis. I see sports people who wish to play better Golf, to improve their performance on the track, or in the ring. I see business people who wish to advance in their career, or to achieve better focus and concentration in the workplace.

I see people who wish to quit smoking or manage their weight. I hold a specialist award in Smoking Cessation.

Anyone can benefit from self improvement or to become more self aware. And I am a firm believer in giving my clients tools to take away with them so they can use the various techniques that I impart, when they are out of session. This helps them progress quicker to the person they wish to be.

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